Club Outings

All trips are subject to weather conditions ectr.  Updates and further details will be available via the Whatsapp groups, email and club website closer to the date of the individual trips. 

For members who wish to carpool for outings we recommend using the Clubs whatsapp groups for communication in this matter. 

While out on trips look out for each other do not leave anyone behind , stay in contact. If you wish to break away from the group let someone know.   The Club Whats app group is a way of keeping in contact with the group while out but don’t depend on this.

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December 10th /11 th Sunrise at Mornington Bay Beach

Weather depending, a sunrise outing to Mornington Bay Beach is planned on the 10th or 11th of December . Sunrise will be around 8.30am . More details will follow closer to the time. Directions Here 

January 8th / 9th Dublin city shoot 

There will be a trip into Dublin city centre on either 8th or 9th of January more details will follow closer to the time.